DEX Regulatory Suite for CRD iv

EBA published it's first report on the monitoring of liquidity coverage ratio implementation (LCR) in the EU: EuroByNight!cK88CH. DEX Data Explorers offers a solution for CRD iv which includes Liquidity Coverage.


Addition offers business process outsourcing for FTK
The Financial Assessment Scheme (in Dutch: Financieel Toetsingskader/FTK) is the supervisory regime that applies as from 1 January 2007 to the financial position and financial policy of pension funds and insurance companies. Addition Knowledge House ( offers business process outsourcing for FTK processes using DEX Regulatory Suite.


DGS Update

De Nederlandsche Bank has issued an update to the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. Watch the video for an update in 45 seconds or read the post for more info.


Securities Financing Transaction Reporting (SFTR)

In January 2020 the new SFTR reporting obligations will come into effect. The size of SFTR is such that people in the market already call it 'the beast'. DEX Data Explorers launches DEX Regulatory Suite for SFTR. This article explains what SFTR entails, and what DEX Data Explorers can do for you to tackle this large regulation.


MIFID ii implementation considerations - a survey

DEX partner Addition Knowledge House performed a survey on MIFID ii implementation aspects. The full article in Dutch can be found here:,  an English abstract can be found here:

 MIFID ii at Hof Hoorneman Bankiers

January 4, 2018 was the first day Hof Hoorneman Bankiers, like other financial institutions all over Europe, had to report their Sventransactions to the regulator underthe new MIFID ii regulation. Sven Schuling, IT Director at Hof Hoorneman, shares some insights about Hof Hoorneman's MIFID ii implementation.


Social Economic Reports in DEX RS
DEX Data Explorers launches DEX Regulatory Suite for Social Economic Reports (SE). DEX RS for SE collects the information needed DNBLogofor reporting to the regulator, performs the calculations and validations and submits the reports and interface files to the regulator. 
DEX RS also has solutions for CRD iv, Solvency2, MIFID ii, Deposit Guarantee Scheme, the Dutch DRA reports, SFTR, AnaCredit and Residential Real Estate. The combined solutions are a comprehensive regulatory suite for your organisation.

AnaCredit and Residential Real Estate in DEX RS

DEX Data Explorers launches DEX Regulatory Suite for AnaCredit and Residential Real Estate, with all reports, validations and AnaCreditinterfaces necessary for your reporting obligations.

DEX Regulatory Suite now has solutions voor COREP, FINREP and other banking reports, Solvency, IORP II, MIFID ii, SFTR, AnaCredit, RRE, DRA, Deposit Guarantee Scheme and Social Economic Reports.