What does DEX Data Explorers do?

DEX Data Explorers explores data in its many forms. Does your organization generate a lot of data about customers, products, etc.? Do you think that you can get more out of this information ithan you do now? Do the large investments keep you from doing so ? Let DEX Data Explorers help you.

Visual analytics

DEX can assist you in data exploration, development of advanced, interactive reports and can provide a platform for publishing those reports, for example through mobile applications. This way you can easily optimize the information flow for your customers or optimize your internal information flow. Within a few days you will have the first results.

Regulatory reporting

Regulatory reports, such as those for a Central Bank, have a few annoying features: they are expensive to make, the requirements are changing and they bring you as a company nothing. All the more reason to look for an efficient solution. DEX Data Explorers can help you by developing these reports and implement the process changes. DEX can even take the whole process of generating these reports off your hands.

Computer vision

Computer vision is about automic analysis of images. DEX Data Explorers can help you analyze video and images for various applications, using the OpenCV imaging processing libraries. Results of the analysis can be loaded in SAS Visual Analytics for further analysis.Applications are for example pattern recognition, facial recognition and analysis of the effects the use of images in websites.

For more infomation please contact DEX Data Explorers.