DEX Regulatory Suite

Financial institutions are required to report to the regulator frequently. Delivered reports are e.g. COREP, FINREP for Banking and Solvency reports for Insurance. Also starting January 2018 institutions will have to report securities transactions on a daily basis according to the new MIFID ii regulation. Regulatory reports have a few annoying features: they are expensive to make and the requirements are changing continuously. Suppliers of packages for regulatory reporting find it difficult to follow the changing demands. Financial institutions must make large investments in order to continue meeting the requirements. Good reasons to look for an efficient solution.


The solution

DEX Data Explorers has developed the DEX Regulatory Suite. DEX RS generates regulatory reports using the EBA (European DEXRS logo largeBanking Authority) or EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority) data point model. DEX RS selects the correct version of the model and meets the reporting requirements based on the EBA/EIOPA specifications. DEX RS generates XBRL conform the regulator standards.

DEX RS also generates ESMA MIFID ii XML messages for transaction reporting, based on the XML structure and using the validations provided by ESMA (European Secutities and Markets Authority).


Supported regulations

DEX Regulatory Suite supports the following regulations:

  • CRD iv (COREP, FINREP, Funding Plans, Asset Encumbrance, Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolio)
  • AnaCredit
  • Residential Real Estate
  • GDPR
  • Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • SFTR
  • MIFID ii
  • EMIR
  • Social Economic Reports
  • Dutch Digital Reporting (DRA)
  • Solvency
  • Country Risk
  • Fatca / VIA (Tax)


Always compliant

DEX RS generates statutory reports based on the latest guidelines provided by the EBA/EIOPA/ESMA. Therefore, the reports are always compliant and conform the latest standards.


High quality

DEX RS gives additional information about the displayed data using the EBA/EIOPA/ESMA specifications. Detailed information is given on the results of the validation rules so that errors can easily be analyzed. This helps you in checking your reports and achieving the highest quality in reporting.


Support in analysing information needs

Analysing the required information and mapping your own data to the data elements in the reports is a large and complex task. DEX RS analyses what the information needs for a set of reports are and gives you the capability to map your own data elements to the EBA/EIOPA/ESMA data model.



The architecture directly shows the main advantage of DEX RS. Since the reports are generated using the EBA/EIOPA/ESMA guidelines as an input they are always compliant with these guidelines. Vendors of traditional packages have to implement a software update when there are changes in the regulator guidelines; with DEX RS you just have to load the new version of the regulator guidelines to be compliant.
This reduces the operational cost and risk significantly.

DEXRS architecture EN

Advantages of the DEX Regulatory Suite

  • Complete reports generated according to the latest standards.
  • XBRL and XML generation in accordance with the standards of the regulator.
  • Always compliant with the regulator requirements.
  • Analysis tools for mapping of own data sets with the regulator model.
  • Automatically generated documentation.
  • Automatic validation of results from other packages of custom-made solutions.
  • Much lower cost than traditional packages.

For more infomation please contact DEX Data Explorers.